Adult Jack Sparrow Halloween costume

A good jack sparrow costume should include a pirate hat, a vest and possibly a long coat. Pants are often not included, but they shouldn’t be too hard to imitate. Sometimes boot covers are included, which is great if you don’t want to spend extra money on pirate-style boots. Accessories like plastic swords or knives are usually sold separately, and they may be worth getting if you really want to get the costume right.
Adult Jack Sparrow Halloween costume:
Adult Jack Sparrow Halloween costume
Adult Jack Sparrow Halloween costumes pictured:
1- Leather Medieval Sword Frog Pirate Cutlass Belt Hanger
2- Disguise Men’s Captain Jack Sparrow Deluxe Adult
3- Captain Jack Sparrow Costume Prestige Premium Adult Costume 5626
4- Jack Sparrow Pirate Sword

Essential components of this type of costume would be long hair and a beard. If you already have long hair, then you are already halfway there, but if not, a long wig is in order.

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