50s Halloween costumes

Dressing up in a 50’s Halloween costume for guys is pretty straight forward: blue jeans, white t-shirt, slicked back hair and leather jacket a la Fonzie. For women however, there’s a little more thought needed. One popular 50’s look is that of the bobbysoxer with light colored fuzzy sweaters or letter jacket, saddle shoes, poodle skirts and a ponytail completing the image. Of course, there’s no stopping a girl or woman from dressing up in a Fonz style get-up as well.
50s Halloween costumes:

50s Halloween costumes pictured:
Left: 50s Poodle Skirt Set Adult Costume Size Plus (Up to Size 22)
Middle: Happy Days – The Fonz Adult Costume
Right: Cute 50s Costume Waitress Costume Pink Uniform Service 50s Diner

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