2 Door pantry cabinet

Whether you buy a one door or a double door pantry cabinet, you need to make sure that however you plan on using the cabinet, it is able to accommodate your storage needs. If you’re using it for the kitchen, make sure that the shelves are big enough to store big boxes of cereal easily. The shelves should also be strong enough to hold canned and bottled food without possibility of bowing or breaking. Of course, such cabinets can also work nicely in the laundry room as well, for storing all sorts of laundry products. It can also be used in a bathroom, if you are lucky enough to have a bathroom big enough to accommodate a two-door cabinet.
2 Door pantry cabinet:
2 Door pantry cabinet
2 Door pantry cabinets pictured:
Left: Prepac Elite Collection 32-Inch Storage Cabinet
Right: Sauder Homeplus Four Shelf Storage Cabinet

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