10-Gallon plastic trash can

Unless you are looking for something decorative, choosing a trash can is really only about two things: sturdiness and capacity. Plastic garbage cans have an advantage over metal: they will not dent like metal cans will. Metal cans on the other hand may look nicer. If you will be putting food and liquids in the can, you may want to get some liners. Otherwise, the can should stay clean if it is only used for papers and such.
10-Gallon plastic trash can:
10-Gallon plastic trash can
10-Gallon plastic trash cans pictured:
Left: Rubbermaid Commercial FG295700BLA Soft Molded-Plastic Rectangular Trash Can, 10.25-gallon, Black
Right: Rubbermaid 295700GY Soft Molded Plastic Wastebasket, Rectangular, 10 1/4 gal, Gray

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